June 9th 2017 Workshop for Teen Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Campus
How to incorporate Tich Nath Hanh 's mindfulness into a teen yoga class
LIFT, Islington 2-3 pm

Elena is a fully trained and insured Yoga teacher. She has recently completed and assisted Uma Dinsmore Tuli in her London intensive teacher training for women and also completed a Teen Yoga Teacher Training Intensive this year.

Elena is currently conducting a Yoga Intervention pilot project with pianists at Trinity Laban. The project is being funded jointly by the Learning Enhancement Unit, Trinity Laban's keyboard faculty and Musical Impact and is looking at the impact of yoga on performance related Anxiety and MSD's.

Elena Riu started practicing yoga at 11.

She completed a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation in 2003 and then went on to finish a Shadow Yoga Foundation Course with Islington Yoga under John Evans in 2003-2004 and a Diploma in Ayurvedic Head & Body massage Therapy with the Ayurvedic Institute UK.

In 2007 Elena obtained a British Wheel of Yoga & The Life Centre Accredited Teaching Diploma.

She has continued to study with the Shadow Yoga School and is currently studying under Paulenne Morphet at Dalston Yoga and with Shadow Yoga School Founder and Director Emma Banalves and Zhander Remete attending workshops in both Shadow Yoga and Nrtta Sadhana.

She is also studying with Uma Dinsmore Tuli.

Having completed a Yoga For Children's Teacher training with Jo Manuel Elena taught a Toddler Yoga Class and a Hatha Class at the Special Yoga Centre and a Family Yoga Class at Yoga Home before she had her daughter.

Elena has a particular interest in Yoga for musicians , young people and women and Yoga for mental health and Ayurveda.

She recently attended the International Yoga for Mental Health Conference in London and has just completed a Teen Yoga Training with Charlotta Martinus accredited by Teen Yoga and the Yoga Alliance UK.

This August Elena completed a Yoga Nidra Foundation training with the Yoga Nidra Network

Elena was on the teaching staff at Santosha Yoga and Bhakti Camp in August this year.

Elena has a dance background ( ballet and contemporary) and is a professional concert pianist by trade. She has been a lecturer at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance since 2000 where she is introducing Yoga to address performance related anxiety issues amongst the piano students.

Elena is available for classes, small groups and one-to-one consultations.

"Before the piano weekend I was quite sceptical about yoga. I had tried it once before and hated it. So, it was with some apprehension that I tried it. I found it quite hard on the first night but as we practiced more I found myself looking forward to it more and more. I found it calmed me down mentally and after the weekend I did feel calmer and more relaxed. I actually have been looking for a class to attend near where I live. I particularly liked the way it related to how I play the piano. With regard to MPA - as you saw I suffer quite badly from this to the extent that I hate playing in front of people. What I found when applying the principles of breathing and relaxation is that I had some tools to cope with the MPA and I could hear the difference in my playing - it had some clarity to it. I feel that the whole mind/ body approach could be so helpful to all musicians at any stage of their career. I am sure that people would see the difference in not only how they play but in how they cope in their day to day lives.
I am looking forward to another course next year."

Elizabeth Wright

"Fear and anxiety took over and my blood pressure rocketed. I tried to focus on positive things , my phone had photos from home, I re-read texts and emails, but then I remembered the yoga and breathing I had learnt with Elena Riu on the music course. I don't practise yoga generally so had to really concentrate to remember what exercises we had done. I started with rotating movements, the hands and wrists. my neck, feet and ankles, counting my breathing right through to my feet. I repeated them many times and I could actually manage quite a lot of movements while in bed. These exercises, although only a few, were calming and made an amazing difference helping me mentally to get through a very difficult time.
The Yoga exercises and breathing we did on the course were easy and calming. Playing the piano afterwards is always different, the anxiety and other negative things get pushed to the back of the queue , thinking about breathing and my feet takes the focus away from fingers and notes, I can then concentrate much more on the type of sound I want to produce and the mood of the piece. It was very noticeable when listening to others , the sound made could be incredibly different afterwards."

Linda Horniblow